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We need your help.

EddieTo all of our wonderful supporters we urgently need your help. We have a very very special dog called Eddie and this is his story:-

Eddie came to us in February, we noticed almost straight away that he had a strange way of walking and sitting, he could not walk far and was not able to play or run with his foster sister, even after a short walk he would drag his back legs. We took him to the vets and to cut a long story short, it was discovered he had ruptured cruciate ligaments in both legs. We put him on Catrophen injections but this did not seem to help, so the vet has suggested we do a procedure called a Tibial Tuberosity Advancement or TTA surgery. This operation will cost in the region of £3000 but will greatly improve his movement and allow him to run and play with his friends. Although we have had lots of people interested in rehoming Eddie , no-one would want to take on a dog that cannot walk properly. So we are appealing for your help, if all our followers donated just £1 we would have enough to book Eddie in to have this much needed operation.

Eddie deserves our help, it's only money that stands in the way of Eddie having a better more for filled life, and would become a rehomeable dog, how sad that money is so important and stands in the way of this boy living a better happier free from pain life, come on everyone work your magic, show Eddie the power of love and Facebook, We can achieve this together, but we need your help to do this, one pound will give Eddie new legs yep just one pound, we have nearly 9,000 Facebook followers can you imagine if everyone of these people ,donated one pound just how much money we would have, enough to help Eddie and many many more, come on people let's do it.

Love Pip


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