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More Cruelty Cases

JuneCruelty JuneCruelty1We are very sad to say that we have had 2 more cruelty cases in this week, first a extremely matted male lurcher found as a stray in a terrible state. God knows what conditions he must have been living in to get his coat in this mess. It's going to be some time before he will look normal again.JuneCruelty2

The second cruelty case is this very sweet girl emaciated and feeling quite down. She has spent a week in the vets and has now moved into a foster home where she can build up her weight and strength. We cannot understand the mentality of people that allow their dogs to get into this state, but they are safe now, never to be left dirty and hungry ever again.

We will of course keep you updated as they recover and start to show their characters and let you know when they will be ready to start looking for their forever homes.JuneCruelty3


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