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Harry's Story

In early February of this year we were contacted by an animal welfare office to see if we could assist with fostering a dog, not a lurcher, but a poor soul that was in desperate need of help and support.

At first it was hard to recognise him as a living breathing creature and the smell that was emanating around the room was almost unbearable. The veterinary team were deeply moved by the plight of this dog and wanted to help but were also unsure if keeping him alive was the right thing to do.

A decision was made to try and save his life and the process to bring this dog back from the brink was made.


Harry It began with pain relief to ease the suffering and then the slow process to remove his matted coat began. As the nurses started to remove the fur it was apparent that the flesh underneath was rotten and came away with the fur as it was clipped, they also discovered that some of the fur had cut into his leg, leaving him with a large laceration. During the procedure to remove his fur he was nearly lost twice under the anaesthetic.

Most shocking was the state of his eyes. We were to discover later that the previous owners had tried to pull off the matted fur around his eyes but in doing so they had pulled off the skin around his eyes and also his eyelids. His ears were full of infection and that was draining down his nose and onto his chest.Harry1

We knew that this was the start of a very long road and we were given no guarantees on his prognosis and future and we were told that any number of things could mean that he would not survive.

Pip was told that due to the sensitive nature of a possible prosecution of the owners we were not allowed to advertise or publicise any of his case to ensure we did not prejudice it.

He was signed into Pips care by the owners within a week of arriving in the vets and so far Pip has been covering his vet bills.

Harry2 Last Thursday we were given the news that the authorities dealing with Harry's case were not going to prosecute his owners. We are all very disappointed for Harry and cannot believe people can do this and get away with it but on the positive side we are now able to tell you Harry's story and appeal for future funding for the on-going veterinary care that will be extremely expensive but imperative for Harry's long term medical needs

Pip says this dog is a hero for one of around 14 to 15 years he has the courage of a lion and no matter how awful his pictures and the horror that he has been subjected to he is totally amazing.

There is not a day that goes by that we don't feel how lucky we are to have met him and can share our lives with him.



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