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Evesham Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue
A Big EGLR Thank You

Dogsrus Just before Christmas we collected a cheque of £350.00 from Dogs R Us.

Dogs R Us are an agility club that over the year collect money through shows and displays and around Xmas time nominate charities to donate this money to, we have been very lucky that we have been one of these charities that have received this kind donation.

Dog's R Us have supported EGLR over many years and over this time have been very lucky to receive many hundred of pounds that have gone towards helping many needy lurchers and greyhound.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Dog's R Us and their members and a special thank you to Sue who nominated us for this kind donation.


ArchieIt is with great sadness that I must inform you that Archie, one of Pips gang, and one of our sponsor dogs has passed over to the rainbow bridge.

Archie arrived many years ago with a bit of a rap sheet and a reputation of being a bit of a bad lad, but like always, Pip opened her door and her heart to this rebel without a cause and gave him a place of safety that he so desperately needed.

Over the years Archie settled down and was soon to be a reformed character completely loyal to Pip, who he loved without question, I am sure to thank her for giving him a chance when everyone else had written him off as a hopeless case.

For those of us that were lucky enough to meet and get to know this lovely boy, he will be sorely missed, this special boy will never be forgotten.

As you can imagine, Archie's passing has taken a piece of Pips heart and left a huge hole. I know that at the moment Pip finds it difficult to talk about this very sad time, and she will need time to recover from this sad passing.

We all send our love to Pip and the other members of the Singleton household.


Sid needs your help

Sid5 Just over a week ago we were contacted by several people to see if we could help with a pretty desperate case. A poor lurcher that had been involved in a road traffic accident and had suffered horrific wounds to his legs. We were told that this dog would need extensive vet treatment which would cost around £1000.

If a rescue place could not be found he would be put to sleep at 11.30am on his 7th day. A decision was made and the call went out to get this lad transferred to our vets. A kind volunteer collected him on his last day drove him to safety.


Sad News and Thank You

JeanneOrton EGLR are very grateful to have received the proceeds of a collection in memory of Jeanne Orton of Kidderminster who loved dogs in general, especially lurchers and most of all Bridey, her Saluki - Greyhound cross. Jeanne adopted Bridey from us about 10 years ago, our thoughts and condolences go out to her husband Steve and all her family at this very sad time.


News about Prince Slinky

Slinky5 Our very special puppy dog Slinky is doing very well, he is loving all of his food and has put on lots of weight. There are still some concerns over his calcium levels as his joints and bones are still quite weak so he has to have restricted exercise and lots of crate rest but aside from this he is a normal bouncy pup who loves his cuddles and kisses.

We will keep you updated on his progress but so far so good for this lovely little boy.Slinky4

06/01/2013 GREAT NEWS. We are delighted to report that our Prince Slinky has has found his forever home. He is a very happy boy!

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