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This is Summer, who only arrived with us recently in a poor condition.

SummerShe was suspected to have a pyometra (womb infection) when she came in, so went immediately to the vets, who confirmed the diagnosis and needed to operate as soon as possible. She also had a bad leg which she held awkwardly and seemed to be in pain from.

She was operated on today to remove her uterus and prevent the infection spreading any further.

At the same time, the vet x-rayed her leg and hip and was shocked to discover that her pelvis was badly fractured - so bad in fact that he was surprised she was actually able to walk. The pelvis had started to calcify, but in the wrong position.

Summer5Summer will be resting for a few days to get over the big operation she has had to go through, and is being referred to an orthopaedic surgeon to plan her future care.

She is also very underweight and has old wounds all over her body.

The vet was surprised she had managed to survive the pyometra, given her poor general condition.


We will keep you posted on Summer's story, but please consider donating to her appeal, any amount will help.


Thank you.




Summer has recovered from her operation and is doing really well at Pip's.


The orthopaedic surgeon has said that the best thing for her pelvis is to leave it, the only way to mend it would be t re-break it and set it which could cause more problems than it solves. As she seems to be moving comfortably on it we have decided to leave it alone unless it becomes a problem.


Her coat is coming back through nicely now that the mange has been treated and she is generally a much happier, healthier dog.


I am pleased to report that Summer has now found a forever home where she can finish recovering and enjoy the rest of her life as a cherished pet.

She is settling in well and seems to have landed on her paws.



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