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My name is Guy  


Last Updated: 2018-03-22 - 21:14:06
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male 3 Yrs Smooth yes no yes Older 12


Guy has spent the last few months recovering slowly from the major surgery to his leg and pelvis this has been a very long and slow road to but we finally feel that he is almost at the end of that road and has turned a corner and will soon be ready for his forever home.
Now Guy is allowed to spend more time out of his recovery crate he is learning to be a puppy dog again his loves to potter around the garden and spend time with some of the other lurchers in his foster home, he loves to play with them but knows his limits and it seems so do the other dogs allowing him to have playtime lying down when he is getting tired.
Guy can be nervous when meeting new people and will need time to get to know a new family but as he is getting to do more we hope his confidence will build over time. He will need a home with older dogs that will enjoy some playtime but not be to over the top and someone who is around a fair amount of the time as he just loves company.
Sadly the damage caused to Guy’s leg may never be a 100% and it may be something that he will carry with him for the rest of his life but this is not holding him back so please don’t let you hold you back in offering him a forever home.
Guy is a sweet and loving boy that has been force to lead a very restricted life but now we are hoping that the crate doors are opening for him and he will grab this second chance with both paws and live life to the full.


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