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My name is Lagatha  


Last Updated: 2018-09-27 - 23:07:14
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female 2 Yrs Smooth yes no yes 8 plus

Lagatha is one of our longest stay residents and we just cant understand how such a beautiful adorable little girl could be waiting so long. So I will tell you all about her in the hope they you may just fall in love with this special girl and pick up the phone and offer her the forever home she so richly deserves.

Lagatha is now 2 years old and stands about 26inches to the shoulder and weighs 23kgs.

She would like a home where she will have the company of another dog and hopefully this resident dog will like to have games of chase around the garden and bitey faces. Lagatha loves to explore and go to new places she is a real steady dog not really fazed by anything strange or new. She has enjoyed the wonderful summer we have been having as her favorite pass time is sunbathing and absolutely detests the rain choosing to spend the day in bed on bad weather days but as soon as that sun is out she is back on her sun lounger (and yes she does have her own).

Lagatha loves her food and can be easily bribed to do most things with a tasty treat and loves a good chew on a bone, it gives her something to do on those rainy days.

In the house Lagatha is very well behaved she can be left for up to 4 hours if she has had a good walk, she is clean and non-destructive. She is good in the car and walks lovely on a lead, well unless a deer pops his head up and then she does get a little bit excited because of this we have also discovered she is useless of a lead she has absolutely no recall and is not safe to let of a lead unless it is on a full fenced dog field.

If you are looking for an affection loving girl, then she is the one she loves to have cuddles and curl up with you on the settee you couldn’t ask for a sweeter and more devoted lurcher.

So if you think you can offer her a forever home please pick up the phone.


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