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My name is Ivy  


Last Updated: 2018-04-07 - 22:07:43
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female 3-6 Mo Smooth yes no no



Hello, my name is Ivy and I have been in the Rescue for a little while now so you may have seen my photo on here before. I am really sad as no one has offered me my forever home so I thought it was about time that I told you a bit about myself. I am only four and a half months old and am a really good girl but at the moment I am finding the world such a scary place, full of even scarier humans! I am trying so hard to find my courage and my foster mum and dad say that I have done really well. We have been going to a place called the park where there are lots of people and I am slowly getting used to them coming to talk to me, although small humans on things called swings really did frighten me! The bigger ones were playing with a ball and I hope one day I will be brave enough to play with them because I love to play ball. I loved the other dogs there and although I would be quite happy to be an only dog in a house it would also be quite nice to have a grown up dog to show me things. I am also doing something called training and this is fun as foster mum says that I am clever and very good at it, so I get treats! Best of all I love being stroked and fussed and having my belly rubbed, it makes me go all goofy! I know that I need a bit more help than some other dogs but  I can be brave and once I get used to my new humans I will love them to bits.
Please take another look at Ivy, she is a beautiful, affectionate puppy who with that bit of extra care and commitment has all the potential to make an exceptional, happy and fun dog.




Beautiful pup Ivy has been in her foster home for a couple of weeks now but when she first arrived she was a very bewildered little soul who has had an awful lot of upheaval in her short life. She is settling in really well and beginning to enjoy her new surroundings, especially the snow! Ivy is an exceptionally bright and affectionate girl, she is a little wary of new people but her curiosity soon wins and she comes for a fuss. She knows some basic commands, learns very fast, and is almost there with her housetraining.
Ivy would like a fairly active home that is used to dogs and where someone is around quite a lot. Her new home would continue with her training and build her confidence. Ivy would be quite happy as an only dog or perhaps? with an older brother to play with.
Please? give Pip or Linda a call to? find out more about her.


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