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eglr small dogs

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My name is Cassie  


Last Updated: 2018-03-04 - 15:31:26
Good with
Sex: Age: Coat Type: dogs: cats: kids:
female 2 Yrs Smooth yes no yes


Cassie is settling in well. She is housetrained, so long as you keep half an eye on the clock! She travels ok in the car, walks well on a lead & her recall is already coming on exceptionally well. She is gets ln really well with other dogs.

After a good time in the garden, Cassie is ok to be left for a few hours, with the company of the other dogs in the house. Cassie has a wonderful character, is so trusting & loves all the fuss & cuddles that she can get.

Cassie has enjoyed the company of the children she has met but Cassie would not be suitable to live in a home with small furries.

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