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My name is Tiggy  


Last Updated: 2018-02-11 - 21:20:14
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Sex: Age: Coat Type: dogs: cats: kids:
female 7 Yrs Smooth yes no maybe Older 12 +


Tiggy has been with us several months now and has proved she to be one of the most wonderful dogs you could every wish to meet; she is a gentle sensitive girl who is so grateful for all the love and kindness she receives. Tiggy is now ready to find herself a forever home and whoever is the lucky person to adopt her won’t be disappointment. Tiggy is looking for a quite but fairly active home where she will be able to enjoy nice long lead walks and then to have her own settee to curl up on and sleep the rest of the day away.
Tiggy can live as an only dog as long as there is someone around to keep her company or part of pack although I don’t think she would like to live with bouncy dogs preferring the company of dogs more on her level of calmness.
She is great in the car and good on the lead but we feel she would be safer kept on a lead on walks? as she can get spooked easily by loud noises and her first instinct is to run away much the same as when she is at home she doesn’t like raised voices or lots of banging and noise which is why we have asked for her to be homed without children as we feel she is too sensitive to noise to deal with the hustle and bustle of a home with children.
Tiggy is happy to be left for about 4 hours as long as she has had her walk and has the settee to curl up on, she isn’t a big fan of the cold and loves to lie in front of the fire especially when its cold outside she can pee in record time and will not spend any long outside than needed.
Tiggy can be a bit fussy with her food and it has taken us several months to get her used to being fed 3 regular meals, she still requires extra bits in her bowl of chicken sausages egg and anything else she fancies to ensure she is keeping her weight up as this has been a bit of a battle so any new owners will need to have a good chicken supply on tap.
Apart from finding food Tiggy like to eats she is one of the easiest dogs I have had the pleasure of fostering and will make an amazing addition to her new home.




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