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My name is Astrid  


Last Updated: 2017-05-15 - 21:32:33
Good with
Sex: Age: Coat Type: dogs: cats: kids:
female 9-12 Mo Smooth yes maybe maybe Older 12 +


This stunning whippet cross, Astrid, stands 21inches to the shoulder & weighs approx. 16 kgs. She is fully vaccinated, spayed & up-to-date with her worm & flea treatments.

Astrid is a very timid & nervous girl, who gets frightened at times.
She travels really well in the car, including on long journeys & loves her food at mealtimes. She is house trained & happy to be left for a few hours.

Astrid is fearful of people when she first meets them but with time & patience she learns to trust women far quicker than men. At present she is still extremely scared & frightened of any man that approaches her & won’t relax in their company & can’t even bring herself to eat her food if they are in the same room. Astrid enjoys her exercise, walks well on a lead, loves to stop to have a good sniff & has got on well with dogs of all shapes & sizes. She is very fearful going in & out of doorways, something has happened to her in her past life before she came to EGLR that obviously makes her extremely hand shy & would rather run away than go through the door. She is getting better with doorways now she is starting to relax & trust her foster mum but this will take time & training as she might go backwards when she goes to a new home.

She enjoys her freedom in the enclosed/secure garden of her foster home, which she currently shares with 2 other whippet crosses & loves to have a run & stretch her legs. It is a joy to see this girl put her guards down & relax, having a mad moment running & playing in the garden. This is the only time I see Astrid’s potential & true character trying to come out. She has taken no time in finding the joys & comfort of human furniture & loves to curl up in the armchair for a snooze, a real lounge lurcher. Astrid is not a pushy dog but has started to nuzzle & slightly push her pointy nose to ask for affection & cuddles. This is a big breakthrough but the new owners are going to have to be very patient for this girl to really trust new humans to allow them to fuss & cuddle her.

Astrid is looking for a quiet home where she can continue to learn to adjust to the world in her own time & for this reason we don’t think that she can cope with a home with lots of noise & children around. We are looking for a really special home for this gorgeous, beautiful, little lurcher.

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