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eglr small dogs

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My name is Luke  


Last Updated: 2017-07-26 - 7:19:10
Good with
Sex: Age: Coat Type: dogs: cats: kids:
male 7 Yrs Smooth yes yes yes Older 12 +


Luke is an amazingly calm, peaceful, intelligent, sensitive, and elegant dog that just wants to love and be loved.? He loves to be with people and is tolerant of young children.? He doesn’t really like his tail messed with, so if the child can understand that he is fine.? He is absolutely magical when he runs.? He has excellent recall and can be trusted around livestock and other animals – even cats!? He will chase the odd squirrel but it’s more from curiosity than a desire to kill.? He travels well in a car and I take him everywhere with me.? He can be dominant with a submissive dog and does better with confident dogs.? He is easy to have at home and is very lazy, like most sighthounds.? He is very clean and tolerates being groomed.? He is not bouncy and is not toy oriented.? Just don’t leave your Sunday roast on the counter!? He is just the right height and will definitely counter surf if you leave meat out on the counter.? He does not beg at the table or in the kitchen, but will maintain a respectful, if wistful, distance.? He is happiest when he is with his people.? He will go explore, but will always circle back.? He is fine in large groups of people and on the lead, just be sensible when introducing to other dogs.? I used to have large receptions at my home in South Africa and he was perfectly fine with large groups of people and off lead.? He might steal a stray canape, but was always calm and friendly but not insistent.? He is a joy and people always remark on his beauty and his calm. Luke suffers from seperation anxiety so is looking for a home where he will have someone around a lot of the time.

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