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Phoca Guestbook
Welcome to our Guestbook - affectionately known as
The Lamp Post.

Feel free to leave some messages for us, and each other, here. In other words, take a moment to tell us a little bit about yourselves & your dogs.

Small print ;-)

The book is moderated to protect you (and us) against spam, adverts and malicious comments, so your entry may take a few hours to appear on the site - we are sure that you'll understand. Also, if your message is construed to be offensive or unrelated to EGLR and rescue dogs
(in other words "off topic"), it is unlikely to be published.

In other words, no 'babies' and no 'recipes' (unless it's for dog biscuits, or shortbread) ...
p.s. Pip got stuck using the Lamp Post, so we've got some help for you here.

cp: Mrs.

What a beautiful little darling Tinger is and what a dreadful experience she's had.  I'm eagerly awaiting updates on her condition. Bless her.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

elizabeth Knapp: mrs

Is there club where I can safely let my two lurchers race around?

Friday, 15 July 2011


Great news about the lovely Grace...............Have fun my friend...Love Wilfred and Walter XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Friday, 01 July 2011

london: lee

I have a lurcher, and a Viszla, so don't have room for another dog. But I check the site from time to time and I just want to say what a great job I think you all do. Good luck to you all

Thursday, 30 June 2011


I have been in my forever home for almost four months now and have settled in really well. My new Mum and Dad are very kind and I always have plenty of good food to eat, cool fresh water to drink and a lovely new bed to sleep in. We live on the edge of miles of open countryside where I can run and play with all the oth...er dogs and paddle in the streams. I am so happy and have been off the lead for five months. Dad trained me to the whistle within two days and he and I are “joined at the hip”. I hope that all the dogs at EGLR manage to find a home as good as mine. We don’t ask for much – just some kindness and love. Thank you EGLR for helping to find me a lovely home and I hope that all the other dogs in your care find theirs.
Best wishes and love,

Monday, 20 June 2011

Guest: Bluebell

Although my previous comments and well wishes about Bluebell were accepted, they did not appear on Lamp Post; so, not to be deterred, I've just got to say how delighted I am to hear the cheering news that she is improving so much.  Well done to Pip and the veterinary practice concerned.  She is one little beauty. 

Friday, 03 June 2011

Guest: Bluebell

What a gorgeous little girl; I do hope she feels better soon.  You are truly angels from heaven the way you help these sensitive and loving, but much abused, dogs.

Love your web site; dip in regularly.  It's a joy to be in the "company" of such caring folk.  I send lots of positive, healing thoughts to dear Bluebell.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Patch....What a great scruffy mutt, so loving, funny, clever, and really just wants to be by your side.have a look, forget the deafness he picks things up so quickly, a true star......

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Maggie: SUMMER

So very glad you were able to help this lovely girlCry it makes my blood boil (and the tears roll) when I see how they are treated and  it still amazes me that these lovely dogs find it in their hearts to forgive.  I keep telling my three how lucky they are!!Wink  Keep up the good work.                                                                             

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Linda and Pip: Big Thanks

Myself and Pip would like to say a huge thank you to Angela and Steve who run our emails and web site, they have had to deal with a huge amount of work with the amount of dogs that have passed though our doors and with all the emails with Stars appeal they have had to work extra hard SO THANK YOU for keeping our web site up to date and looking wonderful

Linda and Pip

Friday, 11 March 2011

Anita and Sultan: Poor Star

Hi, I live in Gloucestershire with my family and Sultan a rescue greyhound who is nearly 9.  It was my brother who found poor Star in Swindon.  Or rather Star found him.  We were heartbroken to see the terrible photos of her and to see how badly treated she was. Despite her apalling treatment my brother said she approached him with trust and a wag of her tail!!   No one has slept very well the past few nights thinking about her but thank goodness she had people come to her rescue and  she has somewhere warm and safe to sleep and someone to love her.  Please keep us updated with her progress.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mitch andf Ruby Saunders: 9 years on and going strong

Hi Pip

Its been ages since we updated you on our two, in fact, its 9 years since we bought Micth and Ruby home with us. Mitch has just finished a very intensive treatment for type 9 mast cell tumour,Surgery ,radio therapy and chemo. Its been awfull BUT having been given 5 months to live without treatment  4 months on there is no sign of cancer in his body so we are , of course overjoyed. He came through it all very well although a bit bald in places :-) Only time will tell if we have beaten it for good but for now we have our bouncy  boy back on very good form. Rube is very fit and healthy and taking good care of her best mate. I managed a free bit of PR today by getting a post on Stephen Fosters blog, He wrote the book Walking Ollie, all about his Salukix lurcher who looked just like Mitch. Hope thats ok with  you The post can be seen here http://walkingollie.wordpress.com/2011/02/08/meet-mitch-and-friend-from-evesham-greyhound-and-lurcher-rescue/

As ever you and your team of helpers are always in our thoughts and if i win that blinking lottery...... well you will be first on my list. 

Sarah Mitch and Ruby x

Tuesday, 08 February 2011

Kate W: Mrs

Hi to all Greyhound, Lurcher, whippet owners, we have discovered the most fantastic website for collars and coats for your loved dogs, it's called www.silverpeacock.co.uk the range is stunning,washable and so very reasonable.... our 'Clara' will be in receipt of her slub silk collar very soon ! Make sure you click gallery to see the lovely pictures.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Tiggy, TeaLeaf and Ducu: Old George

Rest easy old boy, you were a real gentleman.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Jack: Great

Loving the look of the new site, keep up the good work :)

Sunday, 02 January 2011

Ducu TiggyZ and TeaLeaf: Merry Xmas

We thought we'd like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the EGLR web site visitors.

Pop back soon.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Julie and Adrian Messent: Handsome Hudson!

Hudson came to live with us after the Dog show in 2002.  We already had given Twiggy a home and very much felt we had more love to give.  Twiggy is still enjoying curling up on the sofa and running around the field at the back of our house.  Hudson then went on to win the under 18 Month Category at the 2003 Dog Show.  We were so proud!

Unfortunately, our darling Hudson was diganosed yesterday with bone cancer and following our Vet's advice was allowed to fall asleep for the very last time.  The pain we feel is still so raw and our little Twiggy doesn't know what to think.  We pride ourselves that during the 8 years we had Hudson he was loved so much and we have so many wonderful memories.  Our two lurchers would often be seen at rowing events watching our children rowing.  Many potential lurcher parents  admired them and hopefully a few more people viewed your website looking for a canine friend.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the full lurcher experience 


Saturday, 27 November 2010

Guest: Julie Hartles and family

Hello everyone, thought I'd let you all know how 'Ned' is settling into the Hartles household ......


After a rough start, then contracting parvo virus, Ned is now a picture of health (thanks to the wonderful care given by Vicky and Roger Hubbard).  He's a wonderful addition to our family and everyone loves him.  He enjoys his walks along the river bank almost as much as he loves lounging on the sofa (where he is now), although, I must say, food is his sole reason for living!


He's such a loving, affectionate little (make that big) boy, we all love him to bits and the feeling is mutual.  The cats?  No problems whatsoever, they're all on nose-touching terms now. We still miss our old lurcher, Kassi, who lived with us for almost 15 years, but Ned has brought a new joy to us.


I just wanted to say 'thank you' once again.



Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Guest: Connor

Is Connor smoking or has he a lollipop in his mouth ???

Sunday, 14 November 2010

marv kathryn and jacob: Thorntons first week

Hi everyone its Thornton here i was adopted last sunday by the west family and just wanted to let you know how im getting on living here in oxfordshire . It was a bit scarey on the drive home from my kennels in Wales where Clare and staff looked after me for a number of months but when i got to Banbury and walked into my new home i knew i had struck gold when i saw an extra sofa and was told it was all mine ! HAPPY DAYS! Im eating well and am having plenty of nice walks over the fields although im still fearfull of other dogs and lose it when i see them my owners are trying to help me when it happens by trying to keep me calm i know it will take time but i hope to get over my problem in the future.  Other than that im as sweet as a nut at home and have fitted in with the family very well. I had better go and have a kip on my sofa now before my afternoon walk. I would like to thank all at the EGLR for helping me and thankyou to Clare and the lads at the Coedely Animal Hotel in south Wales for looking after me till i was rehomed !   . .Thornton x

Saturday, 02 October 2010

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