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Evesham Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue
Wilma's Story

WilmaWilma was so pitiful to see and heartbreaking. This little female lurcher was so emaciated and in a terrible state. She has pressure sores protruding from her bones and scabs all over her body and ears.

No words can I find to say yet again how I feel about the abhorrent treatment of such a precious little soul, Wilma your life starts now and we promise you will never go hungry be in pain or be without warmth or love every again.

Wilma has been with the rescue for several weeks now and is doing really well. She is still a bit underweight but is now full of life and enjoys running and playing with the other dogs in her foster home. She stands around 22 inches to the shoulder and has the most amazing eyes. This special little girl deserves a wonderful new forever home.

Have a look at her full profile photos on her dogs to adopt page.

Squirrel's Story

SquirrelSquirrel is one of those dogs that really shouldn't be with us, as just a few weeks ago he was found after being hit by a lorry at the side of the road. By some miracle he had only suffered superficial wounds that, after a week in the vets, he was making a good recovery from.

Just then when things were looking up for him, he was struck down by the deadly Parvo Virus. This already bruise and battered lad had to fight for his life again. He spent another 2 weeks in the vets and things were very touch and go at times and we thought that he might not have the strength to make it though but once again by some miracle this amazing boy found the will to survive.

After 2 weeks of fighting Parvo, the disease left him completely depleted and not a ounce of fat left on his body, he would need a huge amount of love and dedication from his foster mum to get him back on his paws and feeling better.

Squirrel is slowly gaining weight and we hope that he will soon be ready for re-homing, this very special boy will be looking for a extra special home so please for more information please call Pip or Linda.

Update on Jamilah

Jamilah Well from the terrible state she came to us in look at her now! Jamilah as you can see from her picture below is now looking fantastic and is looking for her forever home so please do have a look on our dogs to adopt page to see her full profile and if you think you could give her a forever home please do give Pip or Linda a call.


Big ask for help from all of you, could you choose one of our dogs looking for there forever home and post anywhere you can to all your friends and family and ask them to share as well, I am sorry to say we have three dogs going into kennels because we have no foster homes free and two lurchers were put to sleep because we couldn't take them in.

Thank You

Pip xxxxx

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Another new arrival

neglectAnother case of terrible neglect finds her way to the safety of EGLR, this poor soul has spent a week in the vets on a drip, with regular small meals she has gained some weight back and has been released into our care, so she is spending her first night in a warm foster home surround with love. We have called her Jamilah.

We will keep you update on her progress.

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